Adult Classes

Any problem in the world can be solved by dancing.

-- James Brown (1933 - 2006)

Here at Danceworks we believe very firmly in ‘lifelong learning' and have a wide selection of classes to suit adults of all ages and abilities. If you're looking to simply get fit, tone up, funk out or tap step your way into a new hobby then Danceworks has something for you. So whether you're 18 or 80, male or female, novice or pro - give us a ring, and give it a go.






Zumba has its roots in Columbia and was developed by Beto Perez; an aerobics instructor who mistakenly left his standard aerobic music at home before class one day and had to improvise a class using his own personal music for listening to in the car - salsa and merengue music.  From this humble origin Zumba developed into a high energy dance fitness class where pulsing latin rhythms, thumping hip hop beats and high energy club vibes combine to create an exhilarating dance-aerobic session that offers both cardio endurance and a serious calorie burn!



The word ballet originates from the Latin ‘ballere' which literally means ‘to dance' and it has been at the heart of the performing world for the last six hundred years. Ballet has changed little since its early years in Italy and France and still thrills and captivates generation after generation with its simplistic beauty and stunning elegance.


Whether you are trying ballet for the first time or looking to re-engage with the dance world; the benefits of ballet are immediately obvious. As the mother of all modern dance, ballet is excellent at focussing both the mind and body, it relies heavily on core-stability, improves posture and increases both muscle tone and flexibility. Add to all of these a chance to unwind, some beautiful classical music and a real sense of achievement and you have ballet in a nutshell. Call the studio today to book your place in one of our classes or to make an enquiry about private lessons.

What to wear


Street Dance

Street Dance is a current style of dance that evolves constantly; often seen on pop videos, dance films and in the Commercial sector.  Powerful, energetic and musically driven - usually through hip hop, pop, house and RnB music - Street Dance encompasses a variety of more specific genres such as Street Jazz, Hip Hop, Voguing and Breakdance.  

Dance historians loosely place the roots of Sreet Dance back in the late nineteenth century within the traditional jazz dance of urban America, but Street Dance in the form that we most generally recognise is a much more recent development, where the improvised style of casual 'street' based movement was combined with the formal technique of Jazz and Ballet in the mid 20th century.  This blend of genres created a variety of studio based Street Dance styles which have spread throughout the entire world!

Specific dancers are credited for developing individual Street genres, such as Don Campbell who pioneered Locking in the mid 1970's.  However, much of the nature of Street Dance is the way that the style is passed along and modified and enhanced with no formal structure. For this reason, Street Dance is often viewed as a fluid, constantly evolving dance style.   

At Danceworks, our Street Dance classes are not only a great workout for your whole body, they're excellent for flexibility and movement memory.  If you find yourself itching to dancealong when watching pop videos then 'Street' is the class for you.  We offer a variety of Street Dance genres - Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Lyrical Street Jazz (from November 2014) and classes at Beginner and Intermediate levels.   

What to wear



Tap Dancing

In New York during the 1830's, two styles of Dance had a head on collision - Irish Dance and the African Shuffle. Over the next one hundred and seventy years the beautiful baby of this collision became immensely popular. It was a craze people began to call ‘tap dancing'. This toe-tapping, shoe-shuffling dance style continually reinvents itself for every new generation. Older people may remember Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire with some fondness youngsters will be more familiar with Stomp!


Taking a class in ‘Tap', is an excellent workout both mentally and physically.  Whilst your feet do the tapping your mind has to wrestle with rhythm, tempo and syncopation. Danceworks classes encompasses both American rhythm style Tap and also Musical Theatre based style, at two ability levels - Beginner / Improver and Intermediate.  

What to wear


What to Wear in Class

For all classes please wear either dancewear or practical comfy clothing.



Ballet - any style Ballet shoes

Street and Zumba® - Either jazz shoes or correct dance trainers only, no sports / outside trainers as these grip too much to our professional dance floors and can cause injury.

Tap - Tap shoes with toe and heel plates


New starters can wear bare feet for a couple of classes to see if class is suitable for them but it is essential that correct footwear be worn into class for enjoyment and safety reasons. All dance footwear can be purchased from our shop.