At Danceworks we teach a recognised vocational exam curriculum in Ballet, Modern and Tap with the British Ballet Organization (BBO) syllabus. The exam syllabus enables students to reach a recognised level of learning whilst gaining a qualification. All exams are recognized by the Government office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation A's (OFQUAL).  Drama exams are with the LAMDA syllabus.


We encourage all students to enter examinations as exams give students a personal goal to work towards whether they are training professionally or recreationally. Exams give students a sense of progression and achievement with a chance to fulfil their potential and gain greater confidence in their abilities.


All professionals performing today will have taken exams during their childhood so students wishing to make a career from dance or within the performance industry will need exams in Ballet, Modern and Tap combined with Drama to succeed.


Danceworks is a registered exam centre so exam sessions take place at the studio at the end of every autumn, spring and summer term. Candidates are entered at the discretion of the principal with exam coaching taking place in the weeks leading up to the exam. Students can start to enter exams from the age of five onwards.


At Danceworks we recognise that not every student may wish to enter an examination so therefore examinations are not compulsory.


There is currently no recognised curriculum and exam syllabus in this country for Street Dance and Contemporary.