End of Term Timetable


Tuesday 18th December

Studio 1 

1.00-2.00  Tap All Abil Adults Sarah-Jane

6.15-7.00 Tap Film Grades/Adults Sarah-Jane 

7.00-8.00 Tap All Abil/Beg Adults Sarah-Jane

8.00-9.00 Street Jazz All Abil Adults Sarah-Jane

Studio 2 

7.00-8.00 Ballet Begs/Basic Adults Jess

8.00-9.00 Ballet All Abil Adults Jess 


Wednesday 19th December

Studio 1

7.00-8.00 Dance Fitness All Abilities Adults Keith

8.00-9.00 Street Beginners Adults Liz


Thursday 20th December

Studio 1 

6.00-7.00 Tap Adv One Private Lesson Sarah-Jane (Shannonn W) 

7.00-8.00 Hip Hop  All Abilities Adults Sarah-Jane

8.00-9.00 Street Lyrical All Abilities Adults Sarah-Jane

Studio 2 

8.00-9.00 Ballet All Abilities Adults Keith


Term restarts from Monday 7th January


Please check website for the complete years timetable