Initial show info letter sent to students

Danceworks Show

     Bacon Theatre 9th 10th 11th March

     Friday 9th March 7:00pm to 9:30pm

      Saturday 10th March 3:00 - 5:30pm

       Sunday 11th March 3:00pm to 5:30pm




As many of you already know we are presenting our school show at the Bacon Theatre in Cheltenham on the above dates and times.  All students will be included in the show, if you cannot commit or do not want to be part of the show, then please let us know immediately! As we need to know for choreography and costume purposes. 



                   Students must attend all classes.  If for any reason you have to miss a class, please inform us.    


The teachers put an amazing amount of hard work and time into the choreography for many months before the rehearsals even start and we find it incredibly difficult and frustrating to rehearse without a full cast.  It is hard for students to rehearse when their partner is missing, understand spacing and patterns within the routine. It is a ‘lost lesson' when having to back track over last week's work so one student can catch up if they have missed class.



Students need to arrive at the theatre for 4:00pm on Friday 9th March (or as close to 4pm as possible).  For the 10th and 11th March please arrive at 12pm.    


As the cast is big in number it will take time to get everyone ready!  The younger members of the cast need to arrive at staggered times, with the baby classes arriving at the latest time.  Arrival times at the theatre for the younger members will be on the notice boards and website at





The majority of the younger members of the cast are scheduled into Act One, the first half of the show, so they can go home at 1st interval if they wish. 


1st interval       finishes at 8pm on the 9th          finishes at 4pm on the 10th and 11th


If you are collecting your child at 1st interval, then please collect your child after the interval, as the foyer during intervals is extremely busy.  It is just practical to hand over children to their parents with an empty foyer after intervals.  


There are a couple of junior classes in Act Two but soon as they have performed they can also leave straight away or wait to be collected at the end of the show. 


Act Two early collection         collection approx. at 8.45pm on the 9th

collection approx. at 4.45pm on the 10th and 11th  


Strict registers are kept, and no child will be handed over to a parent unless we are instructed beforehand from parents. 



Everyone is part of the finale at the end, but we will leave it at parent's discretion as to whether the younger members of the school stay for it.  You will need a Finale t-shirt; they are £12 and you will need to supply your own leggings/joggers. 


Please let us know in advance, at least a week before the show, NOT ON THE NIGHT OF THE SHOW if a student is leaving in 1st interval or leaving early and not staying for the finale. 



Tickets can be ordered through us as Kate is organising the box office.  You can pay for tickets at the studio by cash, cheque or card.  Alternatively, you can call the studio on 01242 233 338 and pay by card.  Tickets are £12.00 with no concessions. We have not restricted the number of tickets per student, so tickets will be on a first come first serve basis like last time.  Tickets are on sale from Monday 5th February.  Due to the amount of work involved in organising the box office, unfortunately there will be no exchange / refunds on tickets once purchased.     



We have supplied all costumes for every student.  Costumes are hired out at £15 per costume. 


Some clothing has been bought from the high street such as Matalan and Primark so students will be able to keep these items.  Students may need to supply some items from home such as black leggings. 


With the last show some parents wished to purchase their child's costume as a ‘keep sake,' so if you do want to purchase your costume after the show then let us know. 


Costumes whether hired or bought will be invoiced for.                        


Studio Rehearsal Sunday 18th February at the studio 10.00-4.00pm

We have scheduled a run through for the whole show at the studio on the above date so that the Technical rehearsal at the theatre runs smoothly.  This rehearsal starts at 10:00 and finishes at 4:00pm. 


The timetable for this day will be on the notice board and website at therefore you can attend just for your rehearsal.  There is no charge to students for the Studio Rehearsal.  Rehearsal times yet to be finalised. 


Pre-school classes are not needed for this rehearsal.             


Technical Run/Dress rehearsal Sunday 4th March at the theatre 9.00-5.00pm

The Tech run starts 9:00am - 5:00pm.  This is a very important rehearsal mainly for lights, sound cues, running order, dancer's entrance / exit cues and use of wings, props, rehearsal for backcloth changes with backstage crew and costume changes for chaperones.  There is no charge to students for the Technical Rehearsal.  Rehearsal times to be confirmed.     


This day is extremely beneficial for students to get a feel and understanding for the stage and a great chance for students to watch the other classes participating in the show.  As well as being a lot of fun!   


The Tech run will be in costume but no make-up as we need to keep costumes clean for the show!


There is NO cafeteria at the theatre during Tech / Dress Rehearsal.   


Once we have finalised the running order for the show we will put a timetable up on the notice board and website at so younger students can attend the Tech run just for their dance.  Older students are welcome to stay for the day if they wish as they can watch the rest of the show, but no parents/carers please as we all want the show to be a surprise!


Please arrange to meet students in the foyer for collection.  Strict registers will be kept this day.  


Any extra rehearsals will be on the notice boards and website at... 




Make - Up

Each student needs to bring their own make - up for hygiene reasons.  Everyone needs to be wearing the same.

A list of make - up needed will be on the notice board and website at     


All students need to wear stage make - up as stage lights are so bright they ‘drown out' the dancer's features. 


Young students and pre-school students, make - up will be ‘light' / bare minimum, so it is more appropriate for them. 


If you have any allergies to make - up, then let either reception or email studio so chaperones are made aware. 



Please can all students bring with them their own hair kit, especially hair gel and hair spray (lots of it!).  You also need lots of hair grips, pins and bobbles. 


Please take plenty of hair kit, do not rely on other people.



No jewellery at all, not even studs.  Tummy button rings must be either out or covered as stage lights pick these up. If you wear a medical bracelet / necklace, then let me know so I can make chaperones aware. 


Please leave your jewellery at home!  The changing room is a busy place with lots of costume changes and quick changes, jewellery can get lost so easily. 


Transfer tattoos / Nail Varnish  

Please no nail varnish (even on toes!!!) or transfer tattoos! 



Any medication needs to be named and handed to the head Chaperone on the night which is either Kate or Lisa. 


Food / Water at the theatre for Tech / Dress Rehearsal and Show

Students need a packed lunch/drink with them (no eating in costume).  Please no chocolate, greasy crisps, no Ribena!!


Please can students NOT bring any food containing nuts, as we have a couple of students and one teacher with extremely bad allergies to nuts and who could go into anaphylactic shock. 



Stage lighting is harsh and picks up everything, we are going for ‘smooth lines' so we look groomed on stage. 


No underwear for anyone except for seniors who must wear body stockings.  Body stockings, which are nude coloured leotards, will give a smooth line with no straps falling out of costumes plus they are very supportive.  Many of you still have body stockings from the last show but if you need one then please see reception/shop.  Body stockings are £20.00.  Street dance students may not need body stockings.    


There are not many toilets in the dressing rooms so can students please bring a huge t-shirt with them to change under in the dressing rooms, so the toilets are kept free.  Toilets cannot be used as private dressing rooms!  Body stockings are also a practical solution for students changing in the dressing rooms.    


Your dance shoes, personal clothing and all items

Name everything, even each shoe, lipstick, hairbrush absolutely everything!!!!!  Don't bring anything you don't need.  Lost property will be brought back to the studio after the last show Sunday night.  


Chaperones / Parents  

We will need help in the dressing rooms getting students ready.  If you wish to be a chaperone, then please either let myself or Kate know by phone or email .  We need three casts of chaperones, one for each night.  If you are chaperoning, then you will not be able to watch the show just for that night.  Parents can not chaperone their own children as from experience this can cause problems.  If you are chaperoning, then you will need to attend the Tech/Dress rehearsal.         



The show will be filmed each night, so if you do not wish your child to be part of the show due to videoing then please let us know.  We will be using ‘SOS Film Photography' a professional company that films many schools within the County.  All three nights will be filmed.


Usually parents order dvd's direct to the film company but I will check whether it is through us or direct to SOS Film Photography.          



Programmes will be on sale each night at the theatre and as always, the profits of programme sales will go to Winston's Wish.... so please buy lots!   


Friday 9th and Saturday 10th March

There is no dancing at the Cheltenham studios on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th March as we feel everyone needs to be fresh for the show.     


We have tried to cover as much as possible in this letter to you all but any further information regarding the show will be on the notice board and website which is once again...   


Lastly but importantly Child Safety

We are aware that all this information regarding the show can be a bit overwhelming to parents/carers who have never participated in one of our shows, especially those of you who have pre-school children in the school. Child safety is of the utmost importance to us. We have been staging dance and drama shows for many years (most with several hundred students in).


All students will have to register in and out of the theatre at the door into the changing rooms with Danceworks staff.


There are two members of Danceworks staff at the only door into the changing room block at all times during the show and intervals.


No students are allowed into the foyer during the show and intervals, so we know that all students are with us at all times.  


Alongside Danceworks staff we are very lucky to have a great team of experienced volunteer chaperones (licensed where needed) and a few new ones (who must be mad!) to see all goes smoothly backstage and in the changing rooms.


Pre-school and very young students get dressed and stay in both the two contained changing rooms that are part of the main big changing room at all times. The toilets are contained within the changing room block.  All students are chaperoned at all times within the changing room and backstage. 


That said, it all sounds like a military operation (which it is!!) but we have a tremendous amount of fun with the students within the changing rooms and it is an exciting place to be (it's a show in itself!!!). 


We also make sure there are books and toys for the young students to play with, so we keep everything fun for them as well. 


Parents we know where you are!

If there are any problems either in the changing room or backstage, we have a seating plan for each night, so we know if you are in the audience and we would contact you immediately.  We also hold all phone numbers and health details with the head chaperone for every student if we need to contact parents at home if they are not watching the show. 


If you have recently changed address or phone numbers, then you need to let us know your new details. 







The show comes together via an amazing amount of hard work and commitment by all that get involved. It is such a fun and exciting event for students of all ages to participate in, it is a wonderful experience for them to perform at a professional theatre and gain experience which will lead to improved confidence and a fantastic sense of achievement.


If you have any queries, then please email via the website or call us at the studio on 01242 233 338.    


Here's hoping for a fab 2018 show!!!      


Whanita, John and team!!