Kate Cresswell

Kate is often found behind the counter at Danceworks, greeting students with a big smile! As well as helping to run the shop, organise costumes and do shoe fittings, Kate is a dancing mum with two children in the school, but also dances herself – performing in the last three shows! Kate has a chaperone’s licence and is one of our head chaperones during shows and summer schools. 


With a background in primary education, Kate has been working as a midday supervisor in a local primary school for the past three years and has an NVQ2 in Childcare and Education. Kate has also recently qualified as a Teaching Assistant with the NVQ2 in Supporting Learning. Kate’s voluntary work in a local school, working one to one with primary children, has enabled her to develop a good understanding of pastoral support issues and she has been able to bring this experience into Danceworks to provide student support and an understanding ear.


Kate’s personal experience with her own children has given her a working understanding of children with eczema and asthma plus acute allergenic problems including anaphylaxis. Kate has up to date training in the application of Epi-pen medication; inhaler use for asthma; topical treatment for allergy reaction and understanding anaphylaxis.