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Dance Genres


Street Dance is a current style of dance that is in constant evolution, reflecting the styles and trends of the moment; stylistically powerful, energetic and musically driven. Often seen in pop videos, street dance incorporates a variety of more specific genres such as locking and break.


A street dance style primarily performed to Hip Hop music, reflecting both hip hop culture and current trends to produce a powerful and energetic dance form.

Street Lyrical

A blend of lyrical, contemporary and street dance, which mixes meaningful movement with contemporary RnB, urban and acoustic tracks to inform soulful yet energising dance routines.


Ballet is a classical dance form characterised by grace and precision of movement. At its heart lies dedication to technique, strength, artistry and fluidity of movement which help to form the beauty of this highly formalised theatrical art.


Tap uses footwork to create percussion, teaching students an understanding of the connection between dance, rhythm and music. With intricate steps that require dexterity and concentration, tap encourages the development of rhythmic quality through exploration of time signatures, tempo, and tone, but also helps students to develop an expressive dance style and sense of performance.


Commercial is a street dance genre distinguishable by its sharp and sassy attitude and style. Drawing on elements of street dance and jazz, it encourages energy and precision in technique and places emphasis on performance style.


Contemporary evolved against the constraints of classical ballet with a greater sense of freedom, momentum and abstraction. A very pioneering dance style, contemporary pushes the boundaries of dance; encouraging balance, fluidity, co-ordination and strength.