Dance Genres


Street dance is a current style of dance that is in constant evolution, reflecting the styles and trends of the moment; stylistically powerful, energetic and musically driven.  With origins in hip hop culture art forms, street offers an exciting way to energetically connect with hip hop and pop music vibes.  


Hip Hop dance originates from the evolution of hip hop culture art forms in New York in the 1970s.  Our classes combine foundation steps and movements of hip hop (both old school and new style) alongside grooves and beats from other complimentary styles such as house, dancehall and afrobeats.  

Street Lyrical

A blend of lyrical, contemporary and street dance, which mixes meaningful movement with contemporary RnB, urban and acoustic tracks to inform soulful yet energising dance routines.


Ballet is a classical dance form characterised by grace and precision of movement. At its heart lies dedication to technique, strength, artistry and fluidity of movement which help to form the beauty of this highly formalised theatrical art.


Tap is a powerful dance style focused around using footwork to create percussion.  Encouraging a sense of internal rhythm alongside the challenge of intricate and exciting steps, tap is a great work out for the body and mind.  Our classes motivate dancers to build their knowledge of the orgins of tap as they build their skills in this dynamic style.  


Commercial is best known for its fierce attitude and sharp, striking style.  Drawing on both studio and street styles, commercial combines elements of hip hop, jazz, vogue and waacking to encourage energy and precision in technique with emphasis on performance style.    


Contemporary evolved against the constraints of classical ballet with a greater sense of freedom, momentum and abstraction. A very pioneering dance style, contemporary pushes the boundaries of dance; encouraging balance, fluidity, co-ordination and strength.