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Dance Genres


Ballet is a classical dance form characterised by grace and precision of movement. At its heart lies dedication to technique, strength, artistry and fluidity of movement which help to form the beauty of this highly formalised theatrical art. Ballet is the foundation for all other dance styles and is absolutely vital to the serious dancers’ training whether their aspirations are classical or musical theatre.


Modern is a form of contemporary theatrical dance which employs special techniques for developing the use of the entire body in movements. With a base in ballet technique, it is the primary dance style seen in West End and Broadway musicals. Students looking to undertake a career in the performing industry will need to be trained in Modern.


Tap uses footwork to create percussion, teaching students an understanding of the connection between dance, rhythm and music. With intricate steps that require dexterity and concentration, tap encourages the development of rhythmic quality through exploration of time signatures, tempo, and tone, but also helps students to develop an expressive dance style and sense of performance.

Street Dance/Urban

Street Dance is a current style of dance that is in constant evolution, reflecting the styles and trends of the moment; stylistically powerful, energetic and musically driven. Often seen in pop videos, street dance incorporates a variety of more specific genres such as hip hop, break, popping, locking, house, vogueing and dancehall.

Street Dance is a must for students looking to work in the commercial dance sector (alongside formal training and exams in Ballet, Modern and Tap) but it also offers a creative outlet and great source of fitness for everyone who enjoys current pop and hip hop music.


Commercial is a street dance genre distinguishable by its sharp and sassy attitude and style. Drawing on elements of street dance and jazz, it encourages energy and precision in technique and places emphasis on performance style.


Break is an energetic and acrobatic street dance style that helps students to build control, strength, balance and dexterity in learning a language and repertoire of movements to enable them to perform freestyle – creating and performing their own individual combinations.


Contemporary evolved against the constraints of classical ballet with a greater sense of freedom, momentum and abstraction. A very pioneering dance style, contemporary pushes the boundaries of dance; encouraging balance, fluidity, co-ordination and strength. Students who wish to pursue a vocational career in contemporary, ballet, musical theatre will need to have experience of this dance style for auditions.


Blending elements of ballet, jazz and contemporary, lyrical is a creative and expressive dance style that connects dancers’ emotional expression with dance movement. The genre allows dancers’ to develop their artistic interpretation of music and lyrics, informing their overall musicality and presentation in performance of all other dance styles.

Acro (Acrobatic Arts)

Acro is a style of dance that combines precision acrobatic elements with classical ballet technique. Acro students develop strength, flexibility and alignment skills in order to perform this dance/gymnastics hybrid with control, power and grace. Acro skills are increasingly sought after in the dance world and can help inform work in all other areas of dance.

Musical Theatre/Drama

Musical theatre incorporates the skills of acting, singing and dancing in one class. Students are encouraged to work both independently and as part of a group with a focus on script work, improvising and the ability to connect the world of theatre with their dance skills.

Musical Theatre Singing

With a focus on building vocal skill and confidence, our musical theatre singing classes explore the musicality of songs from popular West End and Broadway musicals. Both chorus and solo work is encouraged and our classes give students the opportunity to work on performance skills, alongside building a repertoire of knowledge of musical theatre productions.