Pre-school Ballet

Our specialised pre-school ballet classes are the perfect introduction to learning ballet in a supportive and fun environment. We enjoy short, quick exercises, to keep children’s attention, using props such as teddies, tambourines and scarves. Children love to explore creative movement, and we use this as a stepping stone to encouraging self-expression as we become butterflies, leaves and soldiers marching. We learn how to skip, gallop, keep time with the music, understand basic arm and foot positions and how to do a princess curtsey or the bow of a prince! Don’t forget to bring your teddy!

Do I stay with my child in class?

We ask parents to wait outside the class, and we have lots of places for parents to wait on site. We are very sensitive to the needs of children coming to dance for the first time, so in the case of very nervous children we would suggest that a parent come in at the beginning of class, quietly popping out once your child is settled.

Our pre-school ballet classes are about introducing children to a teacher/pupil learning environment in preparation for school and for future dance learning. We carefully help children to build their independence and feel confident to come into class without mum or dad, under our gentle care.

Do I drop and collect my child from class?

For your child’s first few classes, we advise that you stay on site. Should any problems arise, one of our Teaching Assistants will come and find you, and your child will have the reassurance of knowing that you are only in the next room. After a few weeks, you may wish to leave your child on site with us, popping back to collect at the end of class.

What should my child wear?

For the first few weeks, leggings, t-shirt and bare feet are absolutely fine. Once your child is settled, pop into the dancewear shop at the Cheltenham studio or reception at Charlton Kings/Bishops Cleeve and you can order the ballet uniform and have a ballet shoe fitting.

Can my child come in with a Nappy?

We are happy with nappies coming into ballet, we simply ask that your child has a clean nappy at the start of ballet and a spare nappy nearby.