Stageworks – love learning to perform!

Stageworks is the stage school branch of Danceworks Studios specialising in musical theatre. Within our very own purpose-built premises, we offer focused Saturday classes in drama, singing and dance for children aged 4-18 years,  Stageworks encourages children to improve their self-confidence, posture, speech and social skills, alongside the development of their musical theatre artistry. We aim to inspire each student to reach their full potential, both as performers and as individuals .  For an information pack or to book for a trial session, please call us on 01242 233 338 or e-mail


9am-9.30am Dance with Liz in Studio 4 

9.30am - 10am Drama with Liz in Studio 4 

10am - 10.30am with Shannnon in Studio 4



10.30am - 11.30am Singing with Shannon in Studio 4

11.30am-12.30pm Dance with Liz in Studio 4 

12.30pm-1.30pm Drama with Liz in Studio 4 

Stageworks Uniform

For your first class please wear leggings/joggers and t-shirt with hi-tops/trainers.  After four weeks we ask that all students be dressed in a Stageworks t-shirt, with their own leggings/joggers and hi-tops/trainers. Hair must be secured back in a ponytail if hair is long.

We have our own dancewear shop on site at the Cheltenham Studios or you are welcome to visit our online shop here

2019 Term Dates

Term starts Monday  2nd September - Sunday 27th October 

1 week break for half term  (Monday 28th October - Sunday 3rd November) 

Term starts Monday 4th November - Sunday 15th December 

3 week break for Christmas 


Danceworks Studios, 35 St Georges Street, Cheltenham, GL50 4AF.